India’s growing engagement with Burmese military junta becomes a nightmarish for the people of Burma because its people want to see India ’s involvement in the growth of Burma as a democratic nation.

The India-Burma relationship may invite severe criticism from international communities, but New Delhi seems to be determined to continue engaging with the Burmese junta.


New Delhi has decided to spend around US$ 103 million on developing the Sittwe (Akyab) seaport and agreed to offer a soft loan of US$ 10 million to the military rulers.


New Delhi’s move to invest in a Burmese port was prompted by Dhaka’s reluctance to give India access to its Chittagong Port , which is nearer to Northeast.  Chittagong is less than 200km away from Agartala town ( India ). Moreover, Bangladesh government always showed unwillingness to allow in laying the proposed gas pipeline from Burma to India through its territory because India also did not fulfill Bangladesh demands.


Any investment in Burma during the State peace and Development Council (SPDC) regime, the Burmese people argue that it would only help the regime getting legitimacy and the generals to grab money for their own benefit, where they would execute forced labor in the project.


We do warmly welcome for any development project in Burma , but the present situation is not suitable for investing money in Burma as any kind of project in today’s Burma implies forced labor and also forced displacement of indigenous people from their habitation.


The Burmese regime’s systematic violation of human rights, including forced labor, use of child soldiers, extra judicial killings, custodial deaths, disappearance, rape and torture, extortion money, toll collection, are well documented.


It may be mentioned that the increase in military relationship between India and Burma in recent years has attracted attention of USA .


Therefore, Burmese people want to see India ’s contribution in the development of Burma as a democratic nation as India is the second largest democratic country in the world.