Monday, 17 June 2019

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Rohingya youth was shot by Burma’s border security force, the Nasaka, for escaping from custody following arrest today at about 1:30 a.m., said a relative of the victim who declined to be named.

The victim has been identified as Abdal Hussain (20), son of Khadu Ra, who hails from Nari Bill Village of Maungdaw Township.

The Nasaka officer did not shoot to kill, but used his weapon only to frighten the escapee by firing over the head, an aide of the officer said.

However, villagers said that the action was an attempted murder, and the youth was lucky not to be hit. Nasaka officers are not overly concerned about the killing of Rohingya people as there is little or no action taken against the perpetrators of crimes against Rohingyas.

A group of Nasaka officers from the Nari Bill West Outpost Camp went to the house of Abdal Hussain early this morning to arrest Hussain over the allegation that he was in the possession of a mobile phone set.

While Hussain was being transported to the Nasaka camp, he managed to run away from the officers. The victim was then shot at by one of the Nasaka officers with three rounds of bullets. However, he was not hit and managed to escape. Currently, he is in hiding to avoid arrest.

A local schoolteacher said, “The Nasaka do not have any more respect for the life of a Rohingya than they do for the life of an ant.”

According to local villagers, Hussain has no mobile phone. They claim he would not have been able to purchase a mobile set as he is very poor. The villagers believe that the allegation was fabricated by local Nasaka collaborators. The collaborators were provided mobile phones by the Nasaka to relay information regarding the villagers.

The Nasaka officers of the Nari Bill West Outpost Camp frequently disturb the local villagers and extort money by creating false allegations. A higher authority is needed to look into this matter deeply and objectively, said a village elder on condition of anonymity.