Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A Burmese citizen was arrested with 2,000 Yaba (methamphetamine) tablets by the Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) in Teknaf town on March 21, said a local trader.

Nurul Haque (35), son of the late Abdul Zalil of Maundaw Township, Arakan State, Burma, has been identified as the Yaba trafficker.

Nurul Haque crossed the Burma-Bangladesh border with the Yaba (methamphetamine) tablets at the illegal point of Teknaf.

A group of Yaba traffickers from Zalia Para, under  the Teknaf Police Station, who knew Nurul had Yaba, tried to abduct him from Teknaf Bus Station while he screamed for help. Upon hearing his screams, the BGB went to the spot and discovered the tablets on Nurul’s person. The BGB arrested Nurul Haque, but his would-be abductors ran way, said a bus driver from the station.

An officer of Teknaf Battalion No. 42 confirmed that Nurul Haque was handed over to the Teknaf Police Station after being arrested.

Police filed drug trafficking charges against Nurul Haque before sending him to Cox’s Bazaar jail.

In related news, 18 Rohingya were arrested and sent back to Burma by the BGB on March 21 at 3 p.m. They were arrested at the check-post of Whykong while they were on their way to Cox’s Bazaar in vehicles, an official said.