Monday, 20 May 2019

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Rohingya refugees at Leda Camp have been facing problems from unhygienic conditions for more than two weeks since local villagers in the area blocked the drain which carries wastewater from the refugee camp.

A few days ago, the wastewater drain was jammed. Some of the refugees went to the drain and cleared it without the knowledge of local villagers. However, the villagers soon blocked the drain again.

A refugee woman told the Kaladan Press, “We are not able to stay in our sheds because of the bad smell coming out from the water drains. Our children are becoming sick.”

The woman also said that the local villagers entered the camp with lethal weapons and took away tin sheets from the latrines that were donated by the Solidarity NGO.

According to sources, Solidarity NGO works on sanitation and water supply issues at Leda Camp.

Local villagers have taken to disturbing the refugees by blocking the wastewater drain and destroying latrines because some locals were recently dismissed from their employment with Solidarity NGO in the camp. Therefore, the locals have become furious with Solidarity NGO, sources added.

Recently, many children have fallen ill with various diseases and illnesses such as chicken pox, measles, and fever, another refugee said.

On March 26, a two-year-old girl died from a case of the measles at Leda Camp, he added.

Besides, refugees said that they have been facing many difficulties with their sheds as most of sheds had been become old and dilapidated. Two NGOs working in the camp, Muslim Aid and Solidarity, have not yet taken any steps to rebuild or repair ruined sheds.