Monday, 25 March 2019

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police personnel of Maungdaw seized a vehicle with three Rakhine for carrying morphine ampules and bottles of phensedyl last night, according to an officer from Maungdaw police station.

A surveillance police officer led the police personnel and waited for the vehicle carrying the drugs from Aung Bahla quarter of Shwezar village tract. The police personnel were waiting on the bridge as per their information.

“The vehicle crossed the bridge. The police stopped it and asked to search the vehicle.”

“One Rakhine female, who is the main carrier of the morphine and phensedyl to Akyab and Rangoon, told the police officer that it was urgent that she reach Buthidaung to catch the ferry for Akyab.”

“The police officer didn’t allow anyone out of the vehicle and searched the vehicle. The police found a huge amount of morphine and phensedyl. The value of the drugs is unknown. ”

The morphine and phensedyl are smuggled from Bangladesh; these consignments were transferred from Aung Bahla ferry gate which is controlled by a Rakhine, said an aide from the police station.

“This ferry gate is near the Burma border security force, or Nasaka, outpost of Shwezar, and most of the travelers are from the Rakhine community.”

“All the ferrymen are also Rakhine, and the ferry gate takes full responsibility for security to reach Bangladesh.”

“The vehicle is a Hilux pickup with registration number Na 4923, and it belongs to Maung Oo, a Rakhine who hails from block number 4,” said a vehicle owner from Maungdaw.

“Aung Min Thein, the driver, and another assistant (Rakhine) with a Rakhine female were arrested by police and Inspector Tin Hla, the officer in charge of police station released vehicle, the driver and assistant after getting 300,000 kyat.but, the Rakhine female was police custody at Maungdaw police station.”

“The police have filed a drugs trafficking case in the police station.”

Morphine is obtained from opium, the juice secreted by the seeds of the poppy. Phensedyl is a cough syrup made in India, and it comes from India to Bangladesh and from Bangladesh to Burma.