Friday, 22 February 2019

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A Rohingya woman had to flee to neighboring Bangladesh in September to give birth to a child.


Rohima Khatoon (not her real name), (35), wife of Mohamed Alam, is from Kyaung Daung village of Buthidaung Township, Arakan State, said her husband Mohamed Alam.


Mohamed Alam went to Bangladesh to earn for his family because in Arakan State there has been no scope to maintain his family since 1997. He regularly sent money to his family from Bangladesh.
But, at the end of 1997, his name was cancelled from his family list because of his absence when Burma s border security force Nasaka checked the list. After that, he secretly visited his family occasionally though he was not allowed by Nasaka to enter the country.


His wife meanwhile became pregnant and this was known to Nasaka. Rohima Khatoon was summoned to the Nasaka camp and asked about her pregnancy. She admitted that she was pregnant by her husband. For this, she was fined Kyat 300,000 by Nasaka instead of being arrested. But she was not allowed to give birth to her new baby in Burma, her husband added.


As a result, she fled to Bangladesh to give birth to the baby where her husband has been living as an unofficial refugee. She gave birth to a child in her husband s hut on October 15, 2006.


Later, her baby was given to a refugee named Mohamed Ismail, (30), Block # P, Shed #1, and Room # 4 of Nayapara refugee camp for adoption as she was unable to look after the baby, said Mohamed Ismail from the refugee camp.