Rangoon, Burma: Burma plans to double rubber cultivation to 400,000 hectares in 2007-08 fiscal beginning April, the state controlled official newspaper New Light of Myanmar reported yesterday.


Of the rubber produced, Burma exports about 30,000 tons to China and Singapore annually, with China being Burma's largest rubber export market, the report said.


The country's rubber production for 2006-07 stood at 61,717 tons from 302,053 hectares, while the produce for 2005-06 was nearly 60,000 tons from 226,171 hectares, according to official statistics.


Meanwhile, Burma has chalked out a five-year wise programme to grow rubber with a projected cultivated area of 405,000 hectares and take production to 146,700 tons by the year 2020 and 607, 500 hectares and 226,800 tons respectively by 2030.