Maungdaw, Burma: Two Rohingya youths were looted by Natala villagers when they were going to Maungdaw Town from their village on a bicycle after crossing a Natala village, said a villager from the "Myaw Daung (Wabak)" village.

Natala villagers often collect money from Rohingya people who cross the   Natala village by bicycle. They collect toll of kyat 200 per bicycle without any permission from the authorities. They collect the toll from Rohingya passers-by to provoke the Rohingya community.

The Natala village is situated near a Rohingya village so that every Rohingya who wants to go out must cross the Natala village.

On September 27, at about 11 am, Natala villagers stopped the two Rohingya youths and demanded toll because they going to Maungdaw Town through Natala village from their village "Loung Don". The youths wished to give kyat 200 per bicycle as is routine. But, Natala villagers saw a lot of money in their pockets and became greedy, said a relative of one of the victims.

They tried to snatch all the money from them but they ran way. The Natala villagers hit them on the head with a catapult and caught the duo.

The Natala villagers looted Kyat 215,000 from them.

The youths rushed to a nearby Nasaka camp and complained. The Nasaka officer sent five personnel to investigate. The Nasaka did not get any proof as to who looted the money. But the Natala villagers who committed the looting did not appear in front of the Nasaka, said a Nasaka aide.

The victims are as Mohammed Rafique (18), son Mohamed Shafi and a friend of Md. Rofique. They were brought to the Nasaka camp for further investigation. Now, they are in the Nasaka camp, he added.

"Rohingy youths are looted by Natala villagers and also they are detained in Nasaka camp. Is this justice?”, a villager asked.