Sunday, 19 May 2019
Buthidaung, Arakan State: Oppression of the Rohingya community in Arakan continues unabated with new systems worked out. A new system called "sudden operation" is being conducting by Burma's border security force or Nasaka in Buthidaung Township since June 2008, against the Rohingya community.

The operation is underway by the Nasaka after 10 pm against the Rohingya villagers when they are sleeping. Nasaka personnel numbering 15 go to a Rohingya village after 10 pm and check the “household photo list" to find out whether the number of family members have decreased or increased, said a member of Village Peace and Development Council or VPDC.


After arriving at any Rohingya village, the Nasaka breaks into small groups and approaches door to door and asks the head of the family to open the door. When the door is opened, at least two Nasaka personnel barge into the house and order the head of the family to bring the "family list" and begin to check the family members matching their photographs after making all the family members queue up, he added.


If the Nasaka see the number has increased or decreased, the head of the family will be fined kyat 18,000. If a member of the family temporarily sleeps in a field hut, he is also counted as a decrease. If a relative goes to a nearby village or temporarily lives with the family; he/she is counted as an increase in the number of family members. The money has to be paid immediately. Those who cannot pay immediately have to either sell gold ornaments, cattle or even pawn their house, said a local trader asking not to be named.


Rohingya poor man, who is unable to pay, he is taken to the Nasaka camp and forced to work for at least one day as a forced labourer, he added.


“This is the way the Nasaka has been harassing the Rohingya community.  Sometimes, the Nasaka assault the women folk when the male head is absent. They also steal eggs and fowls from houses. This is done at night while the villagers are sleeping. Is it necessary to do this when there is no insurgency in northern Arakan?” a villager elder asked on condition of anonymity.


This kind of harassment against the Rohingya community is only true for Arakan. It is a kind of new system created by the Burmese junta to oppress the Rohingya people, the village elder added.