Friday, 19 July 2019
Maungdaw, Arakan State: The police of Bawli Bazaar, Maungdaw Township arrested a Rohingya villager alleging that he has connections with Bangladesh. He was in the market in Bawli Bazar on August 21, said a relative of the victim.


The victim was taken away by police officer San Min and policemen Kyaw Htwe of Bawli Bazaar police station at about 8 pm and was detained.


The victim was identified as Noor Bosher (34), son of Sirazul Komor from Taung Ywar village of Bawli Bazaar village Tract.


Police demanded Kyat 200,000 for his release but his relatives were able to pay Kyat 100,000. The police agreed but the victim was unable to pay the amount at a time. His relatives managed Kyat 50,000 and are trying to procure another Kyat 50,000. He will be released after all the money has been paid.  Meanwhile, the victim has been working in the police station.


The victim is a simple man and has no connection with Bangladesh. Earlier, he had a small shop in the market, but now he is into business between villages and Maungdaw Town. The police realized if he is arrested and threatened, they will get money, said a village elder on condition of anonymity.  


Police illegally arrests Rohingya community people when they think they will get money by arresting and threatening. They can level any allegation as there is no justice and there is no action against the culprits, the elder added.