Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Teknaf, Bangladesh: The Bangladesh Coast Guard seized 250 sacks of fertilizer recently  from the mouth of Naff River when it was on its way to Burma, according to our correspondent. 


The boat was stopped by Bangladesh Coast Guards while they were patrolling the Bay of Bengal. The Coast guards chased the boat on suspicion and the engine boat tried to flee. The smugglers jumped into water leaving the boat. 


The Coast Guards seized the boat with 250 sacks of fertilizer. No illegal documents were found in the boat, according to official.                   


The engine boat was brought to the Coast Guard station.


The Bangladesh government is failing to supply an adequate amount of fertilizers to Bangladeshi farmers. In Bangladesh, farmers use Urea fertilizer, Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) and Muriate of Potash (MoP), said a farmer Abdul Zalil from the border area. 


The Bangladesh government has also increased TSP prices to Taka 68 a kg from Taka 34, MoP to Taka 45 a kg from Taka 30 and Urea to Taka 11.70 a kg from Taka.6.00 per kg.


In Arakan State, Burma, a sack of 50 kg white fertilizer is being sold at Kyat 40,000 while a sack of black fertilizer is being sold at Kyat 30,000. Burmese farmers prefer Bangladesh fertilizer than Burmese fertilizer as the quality is quite difference and also it is not available.  Most of the farmers depend on Bangladesh fertilizer, said a farmer from Buthidaung Township. 


Taking advantage of this some smugglers in Bangladesh have been trying to smuggle fertilizer to Burma, though the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), police and Coast Guard and other law enforcing agencies have been trying to check smuggling of fertilizer, according to a trader from Teknaf.