Sunday, 25 August 2019
Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police personnel belonging to the San Say Pyin police station in Bawli Bazaar outpost of Maungdaw Township have been harassing Rohingya villagers. The police arrested three villagers from their homes on false cases and extorted money on August 22, said a local trader on condition of anonymity.


On August 22, at around 10:30 pm, the policemen from Bawli Bazaar out post of Maungdaw Township arrested Hashim (22), son of Abdu Rahim of San Say Pyin village "Loune Don" village tract without any reason, when he was sleeping. He was tortured and taken to the police camp. However, he was released after extorting a bribe of Kyat 200,000 on August 23.


At the same time, another villager from the same village called Haiat Ullah (25), son of Amin was arrested on the allegation that he has murder cases against him. Six years ago, there was an incident between villagers and the riot police, but the youth was not involved. On a false case the police took Kyat 100,000 from him.  He was released the next day.


Similarly, Amin (75), son of Madu, father of Haiat Ullah from the same village was arrested on August 16, on the accusation that he bought some timber for Natala villagers and put them in his lake. Some of the timber was hidden by him, the police alleged. He was released after paying Kyat 16,000 as bribe the next day.


An elder said that the authorities have been continuously harassing the Rohingya community and extorting money from them and also arbitrarily arresting Rohingyas.