Sunday, 25 August 2019
Maungdaw, Arakan State: Nasaka Burma's border security force has been heavily taxing goods during loading at the jetty built by Nasaka on the Purma River flowing to Naff River across Bawli Bazaar market in Maungdaw Township, said a local trader on condition of anonymity.


The Pruma River is useful to traders, as it connects northern and southern Maungdaw town by water way.  Therefore, the Nasaka collects a huge amount of money from taxes on goods.


Nasaka is collecting tax from traders leaving the market with goods loaded from the jetty built by Nasaka on the bank of Pruma River near Bawli Bazaar market.


The Nasaka collects Kyat 500 for the Customs, Kyat 200 for Sarapa (Military Intelligence), Kyat 200 for the police and Kyat 100 for bidders who bid for the jetty for a year.  The traders have to pay to the Nasaka Kyat 1,000 as tax for a 50 kg rice bag. Taxed thus, traders have to sell the rice at a high price.


The jetty was built three years ago at Nasaka's cost for local traders, but collecting heavy tax from goods is creating problems for local traders and consumers.


The Nasaka does not collect tax from the goods when it comes to the market, but does so from goods which are transported to other places from Bawli Bazaar market, said a trader.