Sunday, 27 May 2018
Teknaf, Bangladesh: Import of fish from Burma to Bangladesh has come to a grinding halt since yesterday at Teknaf land port given the soaring prices of fish from Burma, said a fish trader in Teknaf.


Yesterday at noon, a group of fish importers went to Chittagong from Teknaf land port and held a meeting with the Customs Commissioner in Chittagong regarding the increasing price of importing fish. Because no solution was found they decided to temporally stop importing fish from Burma.


On the issue of increase in the price of fish on September 14, there was a problem between the National Board of Revenue (NBR), customs and importers. If the problem is not resolved the importers will not import fish from Burma, according to businessmen.


According to the NBR previously the price was fixed at US $ 400 for fishes--- such as Rohi, Katal and Fangash per metric ton. Now, it has increased to US $ 600. The price of Hilsha fish was US $610 earlier. It is now US$ 1000.


On September 24, two trawlers carrying fish arrived in Teknaf land port from Burma with 80 metric tones and 130 metric tones for Masud and Brothers Company, said Mokk Babu, one of the fish importers.


Mokk Babu also said that he will go to Rangoon soon to meet Burmese businessmen to discuss the issue of the price hike of fish.


The customs superintendent Md. Idris of Teknaf land port said that if fish import is stopped the monthly revenue would come down.


Till September 24, about 981 metric tons of fish was imported from Burma through Teknaf land port.