Sunday, 27 May 2018

Teknaf, Bangladesh: On April 23, policemen providing security to the refugees of Nayapara camp seized Loudspeakers from the camp used since over the last three years in the camp to preach religious sermons to refugee women and girls by religious leaders, said a refugee committee member.

On Fridays and Thursdays of every week, some of the religious leaders from the camp preach religious sermons to women.

However, yesterday, policemen led by a sub-inspector newly appointed entered the refugee camp and seized all Loudspeakers while preaching was on to the refugee women and girls without any warning. They also beat up some of the refugee women in the camp.

The police said that religious preaching with Loudspeakers is not allowed in the camp, but it is allowed without it, said another refugee from the camp.

The camp officer was told by the refugees to resolve the problem. But, the camp officer also said that religious preaching in the camp with Loudspeakers is not allowed. The seized Loudspeakers were not returned.

Besides, yesterday also a sub-inspector entered the camp with arms accompanied by some police and arrested some of the refugees whom they met outside the shed in the camp and brought them to their police barrack. They were released after taking money. They have never entered the camp with guns earlier, a woman refugee from the camp said.  

A refugee elder asked, “How can we stay peacefully in the camp with such harassment by police?”