Sunday, 27 May 2018

Teknaf Bangladesh: Kamrul Zaman, the Camp-in-Charge, has been imposing curfew in the Nayapara Official Camp since April 2, said a refugee who denied to be named.

"The camp authority has imposed curfew at night, but the reason is unknown." 

The Camp-in-Charge recently summoned some refugee committee members of the camp and told that not to go out at night from the sheds after 10 pm, said a committee member on condition of anonymity.

He also said that if any refugee goes out after 10 pm from the sheds, he will be arrested and will be sent to jail.

A refugee from the camp said, "We are facing some problems including movement restriction. Weather is very hot; we can't go outside of the sheds at night for fear of arrest by the camp security police.”

The Camp-in-Charge checked every family’s ration book and canceled the list that is not present in the camp, said another refugee who preferring to be named.

Some refugees went to local areas to find works to support their family members at that time and they were canceled from the ration book.  It is similar to the Nasaka (Burma ’s border security force’s ) work.

Many Rohingyas were canceled from the family list when they were absent while   authority were collecting the list of family members, said another refugee committee member from the camp on condition of anonymity.