Sunday, 27 May 2018
Maungdaw, Arakan State: Four primary students are unable to attend classes because they could not pay the monthly cigarette money to their teacher since September 2, said a close relative of a student.

The students Anwar (14), son of Abul Fayaz, student of Class II, Imran (12), student of Class I, Noor Hussain( 11), son of Nazir Ahamed , student of Class II and Anayet Ullah (15), son of Esuf Ali. They all belong to Barsara village in Maungdaw Township , Arakan State and are students of Basara Government Primary School .

The headmaster of the school has been collecting Kyat 200 per student per month for cigarettes for the teachers. There are four teachers - Aktar Hussain(40), the head master, Dil Dar Hussain( 22), Asat Ali  45), and Ma Soe Soe (19).

The four students were absent for two days as they were unable to pay the fees. Their parents are very poor.  The head master has made a rule which states that if any one is absent continuously for three days, he/she will be taken of the rolls and would have to be enrolled again after paying kyat 1,500/- as a fine.

How can students who were unable to pay Kyat 200 per month give Kyat 1,500 as a fine? asked a village elder.

Since then, the four students have been unable to attend school.