Sunday, 27 May 2018
Buthidaung, Arakan State: World Food Program (WFP) inaugurated a relief distribution programme in Buthidaung Township in Arakan State, Burma on September 7.

On September 7, over 25 poor Rohingya families in Alay Chaung village of Buthidaung Township received relief packages that contained three types of food items including 12 kgs of rice, one litre of edible oil and one kilogram of chickpea.

The Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) members in consultation with local community leaders and civil society representatives identified the families.

The representatives of WFP distributed relief goods only to 20 families. After complaining to the authority, the WFP representatives further ,distributed relief to another five families. said a village elder. 

According to villagers, the representatives of WFP gave priority to poor families who bribed kyat 500 to 1,000 to the representatives. All the employees are from the Rakhine community.