Friday, 03 April 2020

By Min Khant

Professor Dr.Jacque P. leider, who has been one of the staunchest and anti Rohingyas giant, being cooperated with Dr. Aye Chan, was appointed as the advisor to the United Nations Coordinator in Myanmar by Ms. Rentals Lok Dessallen.

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By Fayas Ahmed

On February 11, 2015, President Thein Sein announced that all temporary Registration Certificates (TRCs) known as ‘white cards’ would expire on March 31, and had to be returned to the authorities by 31st May. 

White card returned receipt front side

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Let humanitarianism prevail

By C.R. Abrar

JUNE 20 marked the World Refugee Day.  The day beckoned the fortunate ones who have a place to call home to reflect and ponder on those who cannot go back to their homes for fear of persecution. This day, therefore, provides an opportunity to engage in soul searching about how as a nation we should treat those who come to our land fleeing persecution.

Photo by Anurup Kanti Das


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By M. Mizanur Rahman and Tasfi Sal-sabil

REFERRING to statements by some residents and an expert, Aljazeera reported on October 25 that a growing sense of despair had caused a mass migration of at least 8,000 Rohingya Muslims from western Myanmar in the last two weeks. The number of people who have fled since communal violence broke out two years ago is more than 1,00,000. Usually, the popular destinations of these Rohingya people are Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Pakistan and India. In the last few decades, thousands of Rohingyas migrated to Bangladesh from Myanmar.

Photo :,  Anurup Kanti Das

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By Tun Khin

Last week the London School of Economics hosted a conference on the Rohingya, with academics, legal experts and human rights advocates from all over the world attending. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in Burma also addressed the conference.

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