Monday, 25 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The National Democratic Party for Development (NDPD) opened a branch office in Maungdaw today at 14:00 hour (after Jumma, Muslim Friday prayer), said a trader who attended the inaugural ceremony.

The office is situated in second floor of Yonous’ resident, opposite of Maungdaw Edgar (Open Muslim prayer place) and the signboard was put in front of resident, he said.

At the inaugural ceremony, the Upper house (Amyotha Hluttaw) candidate, Nurul Haque delivered the opening speech with thanks giving to the local people and explained the role of the NDPD in the forthcoming election, he added.

The office will be the base for organizational work and poll campaign in Maungdaw district, according to Nurul Haque. 

More Arakanese Rohingya attended the inaugural ceremony near by and the NDPD official request not to gather now, said a student from Maungdaw.

45 NDPD members with candidates including two females arrived yesterday at about 17:30 hour from Rangoon, said the official.

On the other hand, District Election Commission still not issues the campaign order to political parties to campaign in the area. But, on September 29, all the concerned authority of Maungdaw met at District Peace and Development office to discuss how to control coming election on November 7 like voting booths management, campaign and security during the election, said an official from Maungdaw town authority office.