Rathedaung, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) demanded an amount of Kyat 3.2 million from two villagers on allegations that they were involved in human trafficking, a close relative of one of the villagers said.
The two villagers have been identified as Jaffar (26), son of Monir Ahmed and Md. Amin (32), son of Md. Khasim. Both of them belonged to Don Say Para of Rathedaung Township. They were arrested on February 11, 2009.
After they were arrested, they were detained for 8 days in the Nasaka camp and tortured severely to make them pay up the extortion money as soon as possible. The Nasaka are aware of the fact that they can extort money by torturing the Rohingya community regularly.
The villagers were released on February 19, after paying Kyat 3.2 million to the Nasaka officers. They were arrested by the Nasaka camp No.19 of Nasaka sector No. 8, according to a village elder.   
The Nasaka have been extorting money from villagers on allegations such as--- involvement in drug business, involvement in human trafficking, trips to Bangladesh, receiving money from abroad from their relatives and involvement in smuggling activities.
If the arrestees frequently deny that they have any link to any illegal organization, they would be tortured and detained until they pay money for their release. The concerned authorities says, “We do not want your justification, we only want money, whether you are involved or not.”
The Nasaka arrests those men, who would be able to pay their extortion money after threatening them. Due to this, villagers are compelled to pay the money after selling their gold ornaments or property in order to be released. Otherwise, they are tortured or jailed without any justification.
Jaffer Ahmed paid money to the Nasaka officer after selling 0. 80 acre of his farmland.  So, villagers become landless and jobless and also become poorer by the day, while the policy of the military government succeeds. The policy of the military government is to push the Rohingya community into acute poverty, turn them jobless to expel them from their motherland, the village elder ad
According to a villager, “The arrestees are tortured and detained in their camp, until the Nasaka get their confessional statements from them. And then, they demand money from the victims to secure their release.”