Friday, 29 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) shot dead two Rohingya villagers and injured three others, while they were going to the Khair Para riverside, to load logs into row boats on February 26, at about 5:00 pm. The logs allegedly belonged to the Nasaka, a relative of the victims said, on condition of anonymity.
Earlier, the Nasaka of area No.6 collected some logs of teak and had already been selling it to some teak smugglers at huge profits. This was known to the higher authority, so to avoid trouble, Nasaka called some villagers from Doliya Para, Bakar Gona (Holar Baga), Kayan Khali and Shwe Zarr to load some logs into row boats to sell it in Bangladesh.
As a result, some of the villagers, mostly fishermen from these villages were going to the river bank to load the logs into boats. However, the Nasaka were already in ambush position and fired on the villagers indiscriminately, while the villagers were approaching the place saying that they were robbers, who had come to steal the logs.
Two of the villagers died on the spot, and three others were injured and the rest, however, managed to escape. The three injured villagers have been taken for medical treatment to Maungdaw General Hospital.  
The Nasaka shot the villagers at Khair Para Ghat (riverside) of Khair Para village of Maungdaw Township. The Nasaka personnel belonged to notorious Nasaka Commander Major Kyi Hlaing’s Nasaka area No.6.
If the Nasaka could show the higher authorities that they had seized a number of logs, along with some robbers, they would surely get promotion. But, the Rohingya community has been suffering from indiscriminate persecution continuously, a schoolteacher from the locality said. 
None of the villagers dared to inform the higher authorities of the matter for fear of reprisal by the Nasaka.
The bodies were sent to Maungdaw police station for necessary action. Later, the bodies were sent to their relatives and buried in the local graveyard.