Monday, 25 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Rohingya man was sentenced to 5-years in jail on February 26, based on allegations that he had given shelter to Bangladeshi robbers, a local businessman said on condition of anonymity.
The victim has been identified as Salim Ullah (28), son of Sayed Ahmed and hailed from Kunna Para of Maungdaw Township.
Salim was arrested by the Nasaka personnel of Sector No. 7 of Maungdaw Township in the second week of January 2009, on allegations that he had been involved in a robbery committed by Bangladeshi robbers, and had given them shelter.
After his arrest, he was detained in the Nasaka camp and tortured severely to extract a confessional statement. But, the victim did not admit that he had given shelter to the robbers, and also said he had never been involved in the robbery, a close relative of the victim said.
According to a local villager, “The arrestee is a good man. It is a false and fabricated case to extort money. Besides, they have a policy to harass the Rohingya community.”
He was detained for nearly two months in the Nasaka camp as he was unable to pay the money, which the Nasaka demanded. At last, he was sent to Maungdaw police station and produced in a Maungdaw Court. However, he was sentenced to 5-years in jail by the court. Currently, he is in Maungdaw police custody.
A businessman from Maungdaw town said, “Nasaka and the police, Sarapa (Military Intelligence) have no other work except harassing the Rohingya community and extracting money after arbitrary arrest and torture. They have been given a  free hand to do this.”