Monday, 25 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A fisherman died at the Nasaka Headquarters of Kyigan Pyin in Maungdaw Township, after he was injured in firing by the Nasaka on March 6, and was brought to the Nasaka headquarters for medical treatment, according to a family member.    
The victim has been identified as Idris (35), son of Amir Hussain, and hailed from Shwe Zaar village tract of Maungdaw Township, Arakan State.  
On February 26, at about 5;00 am, Burma’s border security force, Nasaka, shot dead two Rohingya fishermen and injured two others, while they were waiting on the river bank of Habib Village (Khair Para) riverside,  to load logs  into row boats. The logs belonged to the Nasaka, said one of the fishermen, who managed to escape.  
On that day, Nasaka of area No. 6 called some fishermen from nearby villages of Doliya Para, Bakar Gona, Kayan Khali and Shwe Zaar to load some logs into row boats to sell it in Bangladesh.
Therefore, some fishermen from the said villages had gone to the river bank, for loading the logs into boats.
On seeing the fishermen, two Rakhine villagers from a nearby village, who were going there to catch crabs from the river, immediately went to the Nasaka Headquarters and told them that there were some robbers on the river bank from Bangladesh. Hearing this, a group of Nasaka personnel, from the Headquarters, left for the spot. But, before reaching the spot, from a distance, the Nasaka fired on the fishermen indiscriminately hoping that they were robbers, while the fishermen were talking to each other, a schoolteacher said.  
Two of the fishermen, Shoffi Ullah (18), son of Sayed Hussain and Nurul Islam (34), and son of Monu, died on the spot. Both of them belonged to Shwe Zarr village of Maungdaw Township, and two other brothers were injured, while the rest managed to escape. The two wounded fishermen, namely Idris and his younger brother were brought to Nasaka Headquarters, for medical treatment.
However, the incident happened without the knowledge of the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No.6. After being informed about the matter, the Nasaka personnel of area No. 6 did not speak on behalf of the fishermen.
No one dared to inform the higher authorities regarding the matter, for fear of harassment by the Nasaka.
The two bodies were sent to Maungdaw police station for necessary action. Later, the bodies were sent to their relatives and buried in their local graveyards.
On March 3, Idris, the wounded fisherman, also died at the Nasaka Headquarters and the body was handed over to his relatives for burial. Before his death, his relatives were not allowed to see him. Idris’s younger brother is still at the Nasaka headquarters. If the Nasaka was sincere, the wounded people would be sent to Maungdaw General Hospital, where capable doctors and equipments were present, a close relative of the victim said. 
The Nasaka killed the innocent Rohingya fishermen, without any hesitation and fear. What the reasons behind the action were is still unknown, a local villager said.