Monday, 25 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Military Intelligence or Sarapa arrested and tortured two brothers on false charges of selling amphetamine (WY) tablets or Yaba tablets from their medicine store in Maungdaw on March 5. After being released one died and another is in a critical condition, according to a shopkeeper in Maungdaw.
The two brothers are; Ziabul Haque (22) and Abu Taher (40), son of Abu Bakar from Zedi Pyin of Shweza Village Track of Maungdaw township.
Sarapa of Maungdaw, called the two brothers when they were going home from the market, and charged them with selling drugs from their medicine store, according to an aide of the Sarapa.
However, the arrestees denied their involvement in drugs business. So, they were kept at the Detention Center of Sarapa, with inadequate supply of food and the Sarapa did not allow their relatives to see them or to supply food. Zaibul and Taher were taken to the Sarapa office and kept in the camp till March 11 where they were tortured day and night.
The Sarapa searched their shop and home, but could not find any illegal medicine or amphetamine or Yaba tablets.
After interrogation, when Sarapa did not find proof that the two brothers were drug smugglers they asked for 3.5 million Kyats for their release, said a close relative.
On March 11, the family members gave the money demanded to the concerned Sarapa, The two brothers were released, but they were unable to walk following torture.
They were sent to Maungdaw General Hospital for treatment, but, the doctor in-charge told family members that the two were in a critical condition and needed a better hospital to save them, according to relative. 
So, the family members tried to send them to Chittagong for treatment, but, the doctor did not issue any medical report to proceed for their journey to Chittagong and the border trade agency didn’t issue passports without the report.
On March 14, they left Maungdaw, following an understanding with the Nasaka outpost, but Zaibul died after arriving in Teknaf, Bangladesh in the evening.  At night, they crossed the Naf River again and went to Maungdaw from Bangladesh said a relative who came with them.
The body was buried in Maungdaw Town, after Namaz-e-Zanaza at about 11:00 am at Maungdaw Idgha midan (field). About 4,000 villagers participated in his Namaz-e-Zanaza.
A close relative of the victim said, “Taher loss his younger brother, money and also he (Taher) is paralyzed in critical condition.”
In Northern Arakan only the Rohingya community is charged with fabricated cases when the authorities want to extort money from someone. Zaibul and his brother were victims of this system. Some become paralyzed, fall ill or die, said a school teacher.
One of the village elders on seeing the body said, “There were many marks on his body. He was severely tortured, while he was in the Sarapa’s custody. They were released when they were almost dying.”  
People of the Rohingya community, are often killed by the Nasaka (Burma’s border security force), the Sarapa and the Police indiscriminately.
Rohingya youths are often arrested and allegedly tortured and killed. Regarding the matter, no action was taken against the concerned authority, said another village elder requesting not to be named.