Saturday, 30 May 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan State: Four mosque committee members were arrested by Nasaka of camp No. 21 under Nasaka Sector No.9, on March 2, based on allegations that they had extended the veranda of a mosque in Phone Nyo HLake village of Butidaung Township, a village elder said.  The victims have been identified as Hafez Kama (37), son of Abass Meah, Sultan Ahmed (37), and Tazul Ahmed (45), son of Haji Abdul Ahmed. They all belong to Phone Nyo Hlake village.
Acting on information, a group of Nasaka personnel from the nearby Naska camp went to the mosque and took measurements of the veranda of the mosque and found that it was nine inches longer than before.
The mosque committee members were arrested by the Nasaka and were brought to their Naska camp.  There, they were detained for 7 days.
After seven days, on March 9, they were released after paying Kyat 3-million to the Nasaka officer, a close relative of the victims said.  
In Arakan State, the ruling military junta has ordered the Rohingya community not to build any new religious building and also prohibited them from any renovation. If they do not comply with this order, they will be fined by the authorities.
Recently, the Nasaka took photographs from four sides of all religious buildings, and the villagers had to pay Kyat 2,000 per photograph. So, they got Kyat 8,000 from one mosque or one Madrassa or one Moqtob (school for beginners), a villager said.