Friday, 14 August 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: SPDC authorities have started erecting pillars for fencing the Burma-Bangladesh border (in Burma side) since March 21. They started erecting pillars from every Nasaka Sector of Maungdaw Township, a trader from Maungdaw town said.
The Nasaka have started working in every Nasaka Sector, where 60 army personnel have been joined by plainclothes men. They are from the engineering division of MOC-15 of Buthidaung Township. They surveyed all the areas on which fencing would be done and leveled the earth along the Naff River, where the fence would be built.
On the same day, they had erected 50 pillars on the Burmese side of the Burma-Bangladesh border. Each pillar is 20 ft high, 9 inches wide and 9 inches long. There is a 10 ft distance from one pillar to another pillar. They are continuously erecting the pillars. They take laborers from nearby villages and give them Kyat 1,500 per day, a student from the locality said.
The Army looks after the security for the fencing project, while a warrant officer Soe Naing harasses the laborers, while they are working at the site. He even beats them with a stick, when the workers take rest. The army personnel go to the work site in plainclothes to command the workers, a village elder, whose son works at the site said.
When asked regarding the fence, one of the village elders said, “They maintain advance security for the exodus of the Rohingya community, while they are oppressed by the SPDC authorities.”