Sunday, 31 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese border security force, Nasaka, killed a Rohingya man on the night of July 19, according to a village elder from Ngaranchang village of Maungdaw.
The victim has been identified as Rahamat Ullah.
The section of Nasaka from sector number 2, stationed at Ngaranchang village, is the border outpost with Bangladesh in a hilly area, where most people take advantage of the mountainous terrain to cross the border, to smuggle drugs, goods and animals. The personnel at the outpost earn huge amounts of money from smugglers, the village elder added.
The area is mountainous and also has a good forest cover, as a result robbers often attempt to steal from the villages on both the Burmese and Bangladeshi side, a source from Bangladesh said.
On July 19, the villagers from Ngaranchang screamed and raised an alarm. The Nasaka outpost personnel also heard the shouting and opened fire on the village. Following which, one of the villagers died in the northern side of the village, which is closer to the outpost, the local village authorities said.
However, camp- in-charge, Kyaw Khine, of Nasaka informed the villagers that the robber had fired and killed the villager. According to the villagers, the exchange of fire had been initiated by the Nasaka and not the robber.
The Nasaka officers have ordered for the funeral on July 20, at about 3:00pm, the village authorities said.