Sunday, 09 August 2020

By Tin Soe

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Nasaka personnel was killed and 15 injured when three passenger jeeps were attacked near Thawinchaung (Bossara) by unknown persons.

The jeeps were going from Maungdaw to Thawinchaung village of Maungdaw south under Nasaka sector number 8 on November 24 at about 21:00 hours, according to local people from Alaythankyaw (Hassurata) village.

In the incident a Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) personnel was killed on the spot and another was seriously injured. Fourteen others sustained injuries including two Nasaka personnel, the local said.

“Now the area is under tight security with soldiers and Nasaka personnel posted. The Nasaka lost two of their wireless sets in the incident,” said a member of the village authority.

The army and Nasaka were led by TOC Commander and the Nasaka director, he said.

The attackers were searching for an Arakanese Rohingya, who is working for Nasaka and troubling the villagers. They received information that the Arakanese Rohingya, Aman Ullah son of Mawneer, was coming from Maungdaw to Thawinchaung. So the attackers waited near the village blocking the road. When first jeep arrived and stopped at the blockade, the attackers rushed to the jeep and started hitting it with wooden sticks, the village authority member said.

There were four Nasaka personnel in the jeep, who were shouting and warning the attackers, but they were unable to protect themselves from the beating. The attackers snatched two of their wireless sets. With people shouting and screaming, some security personnel from the nearby Nasaka outpost rushed to the spot and saved the people, said an eyewitness from Thawinchaung village.

The Nasaka’s director contacted the attackers through the wireless sets which they had. He said if they return the sets, the authorities would not file cases against them, said local people.

On the other hand, Nasaka sector number 1, 2 and 3 issued an order that no one can move after 20:00 hours to morning 6:00 hours on November 26 in the public area with posters. The people can move around in the day time but are not allowed to stay away overnight, said a school teacher from Taungbro.

“During the Eid festival, people are moving from one village to another to visit their relatives. When the authorities imposed movement restrictions, people stopped visiting their relatives,” the teacher said.