Tuesday, 01 December 2020

By Tin Soe

Maungdaw, Arakan State:
Burma’s border security force, Nasaka at an outpost in Shweza village has been harassing villagers alleging that they are involved in drug smuggling, said a village authority.

Nasaka arrested Maung Maung Tin alias Nur Kamal, a Yaba smuggler from Shweza village on February 16, 2010 in possession of 1500 tablets, said a member of the village authority.

On the basis of the confession of the drug smuggler, it was revealed that he got the Yaba tablets from Nurul Islam from Shweza Village. Nasaka personnel with the village chairman Thaung Htun went to Nurul Islam’s house but, they found he had been arrested by the police and kept in custody a week before, said a Nasaka source.

The Nasaka personnel went to Isque’s house with the Village chairman Thaung Htun, military intelligence sergeant Hal Myint along with Nasaka camp-in-charge Captin Kyaw Kyaw Htun and seized all his belongings on February 18, the source added. 

“Isque is simple and helps poor people in the village as a social worker and had no connections with drug traffickers,” an elder said.

Similarly, on February 20, Abdul Roung was picked up from his home and taken to the camp without any reason, the elder added.

In Maungdaw, most drug smugglers are collaborators of Nasaka, police and other authorities. In Shweza village, a collaborator Rashid son of Amir Ali creates trouble in the village for those who do not support him and who were respect by the villagers, said the Nasaka source.

“On the basis of what the collaborator tells Nasaka, their personnel arrest and harass villagers and extort money,” the sources added.