Monday, 10 August 2020

Tekanf, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) has stepped up restriction on movement of Arakanese Rohingya refugees along the border, said a refugee from Leda camp.

This week, many Arakanese Rohingya refugees were arrested by BDR from Dum Dum Meah check-post on the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf highway and detained in the BDR camp for the day. They go to near the town to find jobs for their survival.

They were assaulted by BDR men and then made to cut grass and clean the boundary walls of the BDR camp the whole day. In the evening, they were released without being given any wages.

Like in Burma, the Bangladesh authorities have started harassing refugees, making them work forcibly, and beating them up in the border area, said an elder from border.

The refugees from Leda camp go to work every day as they don’t get any support from any quarter. They only get basic medical treatment and lodging from Islamic Relief which works as a management NGO in the camp, said a refugee.

Another refugee said if the restriction continues by Bangladesh authorities, many refugees will suffer starvation. Now, many refugees eat once per day, there will be no food  in future .

On March 14, Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) personnel arrested 37 Arakanese Rohingyas from different areas of Teknaf and pushed them into Burma. They were arrested by BDR personnel of Battalion 42 in raids from Dum Dum Meah and other places in Teknaf.

“We come to Bangladesh from Burma as it is a Muslim country following persecution. In Bangladesh we face the same problem as in Burma. Where is our security or safety? asked a community member.