Monday, 06 July 2020

Naikonchari, Bangladesh: Sixteen Arakanese Rohingyas were arrested by police from Sacc Dala border area of Naikonchari on March 23, said a source from Asartali.

They were arrested while trying to go to Cox’s Bazaar from Sacc Dala area of Naikonchari.

They crossed the Burma-Bangladesh border to seek work in Bangladesh as they did not get jobs in Burma. Most Arakanese Rohingyas are jobless in their own country, sources said.

After arrest, they were handed over to the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) of Naikonchari by the police.

However, whether the arrested were pushed back to Burma or not was not clear till the time of writing this report, said another local.

This month, Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) and police arrested 65 Arakanese Rohingyas during in raids in different border areas.