Friday, 05 June 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police of Taungbro in Maungdaw Township recently arrested innocent people and harassed them in police custody to extort money, said a local businessman from Taungbro right. 

On March 5, four policemen from Taungbro right police camp led by a junior police officer went to the house of Master Habi Ullah (70), son of Zinnat Ali, hailing from Thay Chaung village of Maungdaw Township and brought him to nearby Godora Bazaar.

When they reached Godora Bazaar, the police asked Habi Ullah to go to Taungbro right police camp to discuss with the Officer in Charge (OC).  So, they again went to Taungbro right police camp. The OC alleged that Habi Ullah had a mobile phone, but he promptly denied it, said a friend of the victim. 

He was handed over to a police clerk to sort out the matter with money, but Habi Ullah did not agree to pay money for the false accusation. So, the arrestee was put in police custody for three days.

The victim was an old man, former-primary schoolteacher and he did not have any mobile phone, but the police forced him to say that he had a mobile phone.

However, on March 9, he was set free after paying Kyat 200,000. This money was paid through Deen Mohamed, son of Nazu Meah, from Madi village and Maulvi Noor Mohamed, son of Maulvi Shoffique. These two were witness to the money taken by the OC, said a businessman of the locality. 

One of the relatives of the victim said, “Habi Ullah was taken by the police to their camp without any reason. He is a religious man. The allegation against him by police is bogus and fabricated.”