Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar: Nearly 100 hundred huts of the Kutupalong makeshift camp were destroyed by the camp police of the official Kutupalong camp on March 27, at noon, according to a refugee on condition of anonymity.

Those huts were near the official camp. Three months ago, the camp-in-charge of Kutupalong camp ordered moving from the nearby official camp. Some refugees moved to another place, but other refugees asked him where they would go.

That day, a group of police personnel led by Sub-Inspector (SI) Nurul Islam destroyed the huts without the knowledge of refugees.

The refugees whose huts were destroyed did not get any place to build huts till the time of writing this report, said a refugee.

According to sources, the Sub-Inspector went to the unregistered makeshift camp and disturbed the refugees. The SI also took 11 bundles of firewood to the police camp last Saturday, while the refugees were bringing firewood from the forest.

Now, the local people want Taka 100 from refugees per month where the refugees built the huts to stay on local people’s lands. If a refugee cannot give money, he will have to leave the place, said a refugee from the camp.

Another refugee said, “We can’t go to outside the camp for fear of arrest by Bangladesh authorities, so we go to the forest to collect firewood to fight starvation. If we go to the forest, our women are raped by locals and police snatch our firewood.”  Where do we go?