Thursday, 28 May 2020

Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar: Over 4,000 Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE-2) or Grade-2 students have been sitting for final examination of 2010 in two official refugee camps since June 23, said a refugee teacher from the camp.

There are 2, 069  grade-2 students in Nayapara camp and nearly 2,000 grade-2 students in Kutupalong camp  are sitting for their exam in the schools of refugee camps. Their exam will be finished on July 29. 

In refugee schools, only Bengali, English, Mathematic, Environment and Burmese subjects are being taught. But, science, history and geography subjects are not being taught, so the students are lack of knowledge of these subjects.

After grade-2 exam, the students will continue to study from July 2010 to till July 1011 as grade-3 students. After passing the Grade-3 level exam, the students will join to class V. But, there is no facility for students after passing class V.

“Education is the back bone of the nation. But, our children have no facility to study after passing the exam of grade-3. As a result, our next generation has no future,” said a refugee leader from the camp.

A refugee student from Nayapara camp said, “We want to study more after exam of Grade-3 in the camp, but we have no scope for further study.”

Another refugee female student said, “I want to become a doctor. Our community has no doctors and nurses to work for the community. But we have no facility.”

Besides, there are 776 students in formal class-1, 645 students in formal class-2 and 731 pre-primary students are studying in 10 schools in Nayapara camp. In total, over 4,000 students are studying only in Nayapara camp, said another refugee master from the camp.

In similar way, there are over 4,000 students are studying in Kutupalong camp. Therefore, nearly 10,000 students are studying in refugee schools. After the education in refugee cams, where they will go for further study, asked a refugee elder from Nayapara camp.

Refugees are very eager to educate their boys and girls. They have no other scope to do, said  a local elder nearby camp.

Refugee teachers are occasionally trained by Research Training and Management International ( RTMI) supported by  UN Children's Fund(UNICEF) and UN high Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) .