Maungdaw, Arakan State: A bridegroom in the offing along with his would-be father-law was arrested yesterday by the Nasaka, Burma’s border security force at about 10 pm, while visiting, on the allegation that he did not take permission from the authorities, said a relative of the victim.  

The bridegroom Abul Boshor (22), son of Mohamed Hussain from Maung Nama village of Maungdaw Township went to his-father-in-law’s house accompanied by two other relatives for the engagement.  Abu Sayed (55) is his father-in-law and lives in the same village. 

After the engagement, the bridegroom accompanied by two other guests was having food. Meanwhile, a group of Nasaka from Aung Min Gala Nasaka camp went to his father- in-law’s house   and arrested the bridegroom and his father-in-law and the two guests on the allegation that the bridegroom went there without permission from the authorities, said an elder from the locality.

All of them were taken to their camp, but later two guests were released without money being taken. But, the bridegroom and his father-in-law were detained in the camp and they were severely tortured by the Nasaka.

However, the two were also released after they paid Kyat 250,000 in the morning, said another relative of the victim.

In north Arakan, Rohingyas need marriage permission from the authorities by paying huge money.  But, there is no restriction on the bridegroom visiting the father-in-law’s house. The Nasaka arrested them to extort money, said a youth from the locality.

One of the less- recognized violation concerns the severe marriage restrictions imposed on the Rohingya minority. These marriage restrictions are an insidious violation of human rights with far reaching and grave consequences. The current marriage restrictions and the severe consequences for non-compliance are amongst the main reasons why Rohingyas flee north Arakan State, the Irish Center for Human Rights said in its recent statement.

The restrictions prevent families from living together and result in unregistered children growing up as individuals with no social and legal status. Extortion and detention are often associated with the marriage restrictions, the statement added.