Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A number of youths were arrested by Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) recently on the allegation that they married without permission of the authorities, said a local trader on condition of anonymity. 

In north Arakan, Rohingya community has to have marriage permits from Nasaka, if anyone does not comply with the order; he/she will be fined or jailed. Rohingya youths have to submit applications to the local Nasaka camps to obtain marriage permission by spending a lot of money. But, sometimes, they do not get permission and have to wait a long time. Some are totally barred from permission, because they cannot afford the money. Some of couples flee to Bangladesh to get married. 

One of the victims named Younus (25) from Maung Nama south village of Maungdaw Township was arrested by the Nasaka of Aung Min Gala Nasaka camp of Nasaka area No.6, Maungdaw Township on the night of June 27, on the allegation that he had married without permission, said a relative of the victim.

The victim was also arrested by the Nasaka last year for marrying without permission and was sentenced to one year in prison for illegal marriage.

After being released from jail, he submitted an application to the local Nasaka camp for marriage permission yet again.  Before getting permission from the Nasaka, the victim was arrested again by the Nasaka. 

However, he was set free the following day, on June 28, after paying Kyat 60,000.

Besides, one Sayedullah (30), son of Abdu Salam, from Maung Nama south village of Maungdaw township was arrested by the Nasaka of Aung Min Gala Nasaka camp of Nasaka Arae No.6, on June 29, on the allegation that he has two wives and one is legal and another illegal, said a close relative of the victim 

After arrest, he was tortured severely in front of the family members.  After that, he was brought to the Nasaka camp and detained. Later, he was released after paying Kyat 800,000.

Though the Nasaka couldn’t prove that the victim has two wives, he was arrested because the Nasaka knew that he recently received money after lending his shrimp projects to the local people. Nasaka personnel collect information about villagers who have money through their collaborators.

They (Nasaka) know that after arresting Rohingya people on false and fabricated cases and threats, they will get money, said a local elder who preferred not to be named. 

Nasaka frequently arrests local youths on allegations such as they married without permission, have two wives, going for engagement without permission and bridegrooms paying visit to the brides’ houses, said a youth from the locality.

This is a deliberate ploy against the Rohingya community to push them into poverty by physical and mental harassment, said a school teacher.

The Nasaka came to north Arakan in the guise of border development, but in fact, they came to harass the Rohingya community and to cripple them economically by confiscation of lands, extracting forced labor, arbitrary arrests and extortion and movement restriction among others, said a local schoolteacher preferring not to be named.