Maungdaw,  Arakan State: United Nations Development  Program ( UNDP) members of Maungdaw north have been cheating  villagers since June 14, after promising  they will provide money  to them to remove sand and stones from arable lands destroyed in the floods, said a local  former village Chairman.

After the recent floods in Maungdaw north, some UNDP members surveyed the flood affected areas and collected lists of lands damaged by the flood and landslides and promised to support villagers. The UNDP members withdrew money from the authorities, but they deprived the villagers.

Meanwhile, the local authorities ordered villagers to grow paddy after removing sand and stones from arable lands.  If the villagers do not comply with the order, the lands will be seized by the regime. So, the villagers were compelled to remove the sand and stones hoping they will get money from the UNDP members, said a local trader.

The UNDP members frequently visit the flood affected areas, and still promise villagers that they will provide money. But, they did not do so.

The UNDP members also asked villagers to give a list of the lands destroyed by floods and the list of laborers who had worked in moving sand and stones. The villagers submitted all the documents regarding the affected lands, but the UNDP members are still evading the issue.

So, the villagers requested the higher UNDP authorities, to look into this matter and solve the problem, said a local elder.