Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) arrested a villager on August 27, for allegedly using a Bangladeshi mobile phone without permission, said a close relative of the victim.

Villagers said the victims do not have a Bangladeshi mobile phone. The authorities charge villagers arbitrarily whenever they need to extort money.

The victim for mobile is Md. Rofique (25), son of Shabbir Ahmed from Thayegon Than village, Maungdaw south.  

Nasaka personnel from Nasaka area No.7 with two jeeps went to the village and arrested Md. Rofique on the allegation that he had a mobile phone. But, they did not get any from him.

After arrival at the village, the Nasaka told villagers that they came to check the family lists of villagers. But, they did not do so and entered the victim’s house, said a local elder.

After arrested was brought to the Nasaka camp, where he was detained.

However, the Nasaka area No.7 Commander Major Thuring Zaw released him the next day after taking Kyat 200,000.

A village elder said, “In northern Arakan the Nasaka, army, Sarapa (Military Intelligence) and police arrest villagers on false charges without any proof and extort money after torture.”

A woman from Paungdaw Pyin village said, “There is no one left here who is well to do. They have all been arrested and extorted.”