Friday, 05 June 2020

September 2010

Naikonchari, Bangladesh: Bangladesh police personnel from Lama police station sent to jail five Burmese nationals giving the false allegation, says a local on condition of anonymity.
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Teknaf, Bangladesh: A refugee woman, Sobekun Naher, denied proper health care at the Research Training and Management International (RTM) clinic at Nayapara refugee camp was forced to self-deliver her baby at the side of the road. 
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By Tin Soe

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Rohingya delegations from Burmese Rohingya Orgnisation UK (BROUK) had made a presentation about human rights abuses committed by Burmese Regime against Rohingya community in northern Arakan, Burma in 15th United Nation Human Rights session in Geneva on September 22, according to Khurshid Ahmed, Joint Secretary of BROUK.

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Teknaf, Bangladesh: 15 people are still missing following the capsizing of a rowboat during a strong wind on the Naff River, yesterday.
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Dhaka, Bangladesh: A two-day long 4th Joint Trade Commission (JTC) of Bangladesh and Burma ended in the capital yesterday following consensus to assist hassle-free border trading, according to the joint press briefing.

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