Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: On September 25, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) of Maungdaw Township recently distributed money among the villagers of Maungdaw Township who were affected by the flood and landslides of on June 15, said a local farmer who denied to be named.  

The members of UNDP distributed money to the villagers of Maung Nama Gyi, Maung Nama Nge and Mirzitala villages of Maungdaw north.

The UNDP members withdrew Kyat 8.4 million for Maung Nama Gyi village. This money is for fertilizer, insecticide and for destroyed houses by the flood and landslides during the flood. They provided money to ten houses at the rate of Kyat 10,000 per houses which are inundated and destroyed during the flood. They will give money for 80 acres of destroyed paddy field and 22 houses also got money for goats that were dead due to flood.  The villagers received Kyat 60,000 per house for goat, said a local trader from the village preferring not to be named. 

For the Maung Nama Nge village, the UNDP members withdrew Kyat 4.743 from bank for distributing it to the villagers. They distributed money to 11 houses for goat, to 50 houses for fowls, to 42 acres of paddy field. The UNDP members distributed Kyat 60,000 for goats per house, Kyat 30,000 for fowls per house and Kyat 56,000 for paddy field per acre, according to a local village elder. 

The UNDP members will distribute 40 water filters and some latrines to the villagers of Mirzitala village of Maungdaw Township soon, a source close to UNDP members said.

Moreover, on August 25, the villagers of Maung Nama Gyi, Maung Nama Nge and Mirzitala villages had been received money from UNDP members for destroyed paddy fields that covered stones and sand due to flood and landslides. They distributed Kyat 100,000 per acre and the villagers had been received money for 20 acres in Maung Nama Gyi village, 24 acres in Maung Nama Nge village and 15 acres in Mirzitala village.   The UNDP members also distributed 163 latrines to Maung Nama Nge village, 90 latrines to Maung Nama Gyi village and 70 latrines to Mirzitala village. They distributed Kyat 25,000 per latrine, a businessman from the locality said.  

The UNDP members distributed money to the villagers after discussing with the village committee members. The village committee members gave priority to their relatives and the real victims did not receive money. The victims will get money, if the victims compromise with the committee members that he/she would give some money to the committee members, said an aide to the Nasaka( Burma’s border security force).

The UNDP members had categorized the villagers such as ---A, B, C, D and E.  The group A and B are rich men who have farm lands and D and E group are  poor villagers and the C group is neither rich nor poor. Mostly, the D and E group villagers received the supporting from the UNDP members.

Most of the villagers become landless in Pawet Chaung village tract, Maung Nama village Tract, Kyigan Pyin village tract  because their farm lands were confiscated by the Nasaka ( Border security force) for Natala ( Model villages), for Nasaka camps and their personal business, for rubber plantation and shrimp projects etc. So, the farmers of these areas, hiring some acres of farm lands from Nasaka or Natala villagers to grow paddy in rainy season.  So, these people are not rich people. But, the UNDP members put them in A or B group list, the Naska aide continued. 

A local village elder said, “In fact, the supporting money does not go to the pocket of the real victims or poor people.”