Thursday, 28 January 2021

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A refugee woman was beaten up by the members of Muslim Aid while she was going to clinic for treatment of her son on September 26, said a refugee leader from Leda camp.

Muslim Aid, NGOs which is working for EU support unregistered Rohingya camp, Lada, for health care and maintenance.

The victim is identified as Nur Begum (27), wife of Abdu Salam, Block-E, and Room No. 275 of Leda (Tal), un-official refugee camp.

On that day, early in the morning, she went to the clinic of Muslim Aid in the camp with her sick son for treatment and queued for token from doctor. But, she did not get a token till 2:00 pm, so, she requested to the duty doctor to provide her a token as her son was serious with fever. However, the doctor did not give her a token.  Hence, she returned to her shed without getting any treatment from the clinic, said a close relative of the victim from the camp. 

On September 27, in early mornings, she again went to the clinic and got a token from the duty doctor. Taking this slip, she met with duty doctor and told her son’s condition to the doctor and the doctor told her that there was no medicine for the treatment of her son. As a result, she again returned to her shed with a great disappointment.

Before returning to her shed, the refugee woman Nur Begum was severely beaten up by the night guard namely Rofique-ul-Alam  of the clinic because of her frequent request to the doctor for medicine for her sick son, said the victim. 

At present, the refugee woman is weeping in her shed as her son is serious with fever and has no money for treatment.  Her husband Abdu Salam (32) is also sick and unable to go out from the camp for earning, said a neighbor refugee from the camp.

Recently, the members of the Muslim Aid mistreated the refugees of Leda camp, said a refugee woman from the camp.