Thursday, 13 August 2020

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: A Rohingya refugee woman was raped by a local resident near the unofficial Kutupalong refugee camp on November 23, according to a refugee leader from the camp.

The 40-year-old victim, from Block A of the camp, and three other women had left the camp to collect fire wood.

While in the forest, two local residents tried to block their path. Three women escaped, but the fourth was unable to evade them.

Refugees from the camp tried to come to her aid when they heard of the assault but by the time they reached her, the attackers had fled and she had been raped, said one camp resident.

The victim and her three companions said they did not know the names of the attackers but could recognize their faces.

“The refugees got information about the attackers and determined that they were from Holida Para, under the jurisdiction of Ukiya police station,” said the camp resident.

The victim was taken for examination to a clinic run by MSF (Holland), where a field officer determined that she had been raped.

A formal complaint has been filed with camp security inside the official Kutupalong camp administered by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to seek action against the attackers, said a refugee leader from the camp.