Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: There is no justice to be had from Maungdaw court for members of the Rohingya community, according to an official of Maungdaw court who declined to be named.

Judges rarely treat Rohingyas sympathetically when they are fighting in court for their rights. In addition, judges often ask for bribes to settle cases or to file bail bonds, the official said.

“Among the judges, one duty township judge, U Kyaw Myint Htun, is the most corrupt. He always asks local residents for huge amounts in order to settle cases favorably.”

“U Kyaw Myint Htun threatens locals involved in court cases that police are waiting for them, and he has the right to either send them to jail or release them. This is followed by his asking for monetary bribes.”

Local residents who are unable to afford bribes to police officers are often forced to settle their disputes in court. Therefore, many innocent members of the Rohingya community are being sent to jail without a fair trial in the court, said a lawyer from the court.

“Defendants must pay the judge in order to have a fair trial or receive bail.”

In Maungdaw court, there are five judges: two for the district and three for the township.