Friday, 14 August 2020

Teknaf, Bangladesh: RTM has narrowed down the group of applicants for teaching jobs in Nayapara Refugee Camp on January 26 from a field of candidates that included refugees and local people, according to a refugee teacher from the camp.

The Research Training and Management (RTM) international authority collected 52 applications in all, including 17 candidates from among the refugees and 35 candidates who are local Bengali people. The required education level for teachers of refugees is Class V and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) for the local applicants.

The 52 candidates sat a writing test at School No. 3 in the camp. Six of refugee applicants and 20 local candidates passed the writing test. The successful 26 candidates were then interviewed by the authority, which selected 20 final candidates, including four refugees.

The authorities have asked the four refugee candidates who passed the initial tests to submit their certificates of Class VIII. However, the refugee candidates could fail to submit the required documents as they have not had proper education in the camp. This may mean the refugee candidates will be excluded from the final selection, a refugee elder from the camp said.

There are only 13 teaching vacancies, so the authorities will appoint 13 persons, while the remaining seven candidates will be added to a waiting list.

Every year, the RTM has to recruit additional teachers for schools because of the increase in the number of students. This year, over 500 new students aged 4 and above were admitted to schools inside Nayapara Camp.

There are a total of 10 schools in Nayapara Camp run by RTM, and one school run by Technical Assistant Incorporate (TAI) for adult literacy.

In addition, there are about 500 children aged between 6–9 years living in the camp without receiving any education. These children are not allowed to be admitted to schools run by RTM as the schools operate three-year long packaged programs. Starting student in the middle of programs would cause difficulties.

One of the parents of children who are not able to enroll in any of the schools a Nayapara Camp said, “Our children are passing time without any education. If any quarter or NGO could give a chance to our children for education, it would be a great help to us.”