Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burma Border Security Force (Nasaka) is using new a technique to extort money from the Rohingya community, said a village authority member from Maungdaw.

The Nasaka personnel from Nasaka area number 6, stationed in Kyauk Hlaikar (Dargadil), summoned four females from Labawzar to its office because of false allegations that the females had gone to Bangladesh for medical treatment, the member said.

“This was the plan of a Nasaka collaborator, Aahyas, who is notorious in the area and close to the Nasaka area commander, Major Kyaw Aung. The two work together to extort money from villagers and harass local people.”

“The four females went to the commander’s office to deny the allegations against them, and they refused to pay the unjust fine of 200,000 kyat each.”

“The four females were sitting in the office till evening and denying the charges that the Nasaka accused them of. Alltas, the assistant of Aahyas, threatened the women that they would have stay in Nasaka custody unless they agreed to pay the fines. No female would want to stay in the Nasaka camp at night as she could easily be raped,” explained a local from the area.

Finally, the four females agreed to pay 100,000 kyat each in order to be released from custody.

It has been learned that all four of the females have family members working in foreign countries. This may have made them targets for extortion, as the Nasaka might believe that the women’s relatives have been sending the women money. The Nasaka’s collaborators in villages commonly inform the Nasaka about villagers who have family members in foreign countries.