Sunday, 09 August 2020

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A Rohingya man who came to Bangladesh for treatment died yesterday, said a relative of the dead man.

Md. Sultan (50), the Rohingya patient, hailed from Nga Yant Chang Village Tract of Taung Bazaar under Buthidaung Township.

Sultan crossed the Burma-Bangladesh border with a border pass at the Teknaf land port in the evening of April 26. He had long been suffering from urinary system problems and other diseases in Arakan State, Burma, but had not been able to get proper medical treatment there as there are no specialist urology doctors in northern Arakan.

After arriving in Bangladesh, Sultan went to Nayapara Official Refugee Camp where his relatives are living.

However, he died at around 6 a.m. in his relatives’ shed at Nayapara Camp. His relatives are now trying to send the dead body back to his homeland through the officials.

A Rohingya elder said, “Most Rohingya people have been suffering from the lack of proper treatment in Arakan State from complications from urinary problems, kidney problems, stone problems, malaria, heart diseases, ulcers, Tuberculoses, and others.”

“Rohingya are not allowed to go to Akyab (Sittwee), the capital of Arakan State, for better treatment where the doctors have more experience in the field of medicine. The Burmese military junta made restrictions against the Rohingya community to travel to the capital, and the Rohingya are facing more difficulties in their lives.”