Maungdaw, Arakan State: Aung Zaw Win, the Upper House parliament member (MP) from Maungdaw Township, accompanied by three other State level MPs of Maundaw Township, visited Maungdaw on April 25 after the parliamentary meetings at Nay Pyi Taw and Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, said a participant of the meeting who asked not to be named. 

“It is the first time the MPs visited Maungdaw after the parliamentary meetings at Nay Pyi Taw and state level Hluttaw representative meetings to explain among the local people what they had done for the people, and the future plans and programs of the new democratic government.”

Upper House MP Aung Zaw Win, accompanied by the state level MPs U Mra Aung, U Tha Khin, U Janheingir (a) Aung Myo Myin, and an electrical engineer named U Tin Maung Win from Rangoon, visited Maungdaw Township.

On April 26, they held two meetings. One was held at Myoma Kayandan (Shikdar Para) Village from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, inviting Maulanas (religious leaders) and local elders from Maungdaw North and Maungdaw Town. Another meeting was held at the Regional Development Association (RDA) office of Maungdaw from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. On that day five Maulanas from one Madrasa and another five members from each village were invited, said a local from Maungdaw Town.

At the meeting held in Myoma Kayandan Village, the engineer gave a speech in the meeting. He said that Buthidaung, and Maungdaw Townships will be supplied with electricity in the future and he will come again on May 15 to survey the Sinedaung Waterfalls of Buthidaung Township. After the meeting, he returned to Rangoon, said another participant in the meeting.

Afterwards, MP Aung Zaw Win told the meeting that he thanked the local people for casting votes for him in the last national elections. He said the government will provide National Identity cards (Pink card) soon. Regarding this, an immigration office will be established soon in northern Arakan. Further, he said that he heard that there are some problems between USDP and NDPD supporters in some areas. It is not a positive development, and must be buried after the election. It is time to work together with all party members for the development of the country and the community people. We are all brothers, said a businessman of Maungdaw.

Next, U Mra Aung told the assembled that he thanked the people for giving votes to him in the last national elections. People will be provided with National Identity cards, and after that villagers can go to Rangoon and will be able to do business freely. He asked the people not to express hatred between Muslims and Rakhines, said a schoolteacher from the locality.

“Then, U Janheingir (a) Aung Myo Myin gave a speech in the meeting. He said that he faced many difficulties in the State Parliament because of the members of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, but he overcame them. I heard that many villagers, with the cooperation of local authorities, are giving troubles to other villagers. This must be stopped; otherwise, they will be punished in future.”

“U Tha Khin said at the meeting that he also thanked the local people for casting votes for him and that the government would provide  National Identity cards to Muslims. He urged people not to make hostility between two communities -- Rakhine and Muslims.”

U Tun Hla Sein, the Secretary of USDP in Maungdaw Township, also gave a speech in the meeting. He said that if anyone faces difficulties, that will be appraised to the USDP office and “we will try to solve the problem and difficulties,” said a trader from Maungdaw Town.

Finally, Maulana Sayedul Amin, the principal of Maung Nama Madrasa, concluded the meeting after expressing thanks to the participants and the guests.

In a similar way, on April 27, the group held meetings at Bawli Bazaar and Nga Kura Village of Maungdaw Township. They gave speeches with the same themes of Maungdaw and Nga Kura Village. They will hold a meeting at Aley Than Kyaw Village Tract of Maungadw South on April 28.

The MP group again sited a meeting at RDA office where the handed up two billboards of  People Hluttaw and National Hluttaw at the RDA office at about 11:30 am today and the groups leave Maungdaw after Juma (Friday) prayer to Buthidsung township.