Thursday, 28 May 2020

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: A Rohingya fisherman has been missing in the stream of Muskhali under Cox’s Bazaar district since three days ago, said a relative of victim.

Three days ago, the fisherman Hafez Ahamed, accompanied by two local fishermen, went to Samarfari stream to fish with bag-nets at night. Hafez was drafted by a heavy tide. The other two fishermen are safe.

After that, they went to Hafez’s house and informed his family members regarding the incident, sources said.

The family members and relatives have been searching for the victim, but they have not found him yet.

Hafez along with parents crossed the Burma-Bangladesh border seven years ago and stayed at Kutupalong.

Later, he went to Mushkhali with family members for their survival. He married there after shifting from Kutupalong, said a local.

“Most Rohingya who are not registered with the UNHCR have to search for a place where they can work and help their family for their survival.”