Maungdaw, Arakan State: The security personnel of Maungdaw imposed a law to stop gambling in the area on June 27, said an officer from Maungdaw Police Station.

“The security personnel who are attempting to stop gambling in Maungdaw are led by Inspector Aung Myint Kyi, the head of Maungdaw Police Station.”

In Maungdaw, most people who are interested in gambling with two and three numbers (locals call the games ‘shay’) are engaged at teashops where the main gambling in Maungdaw is controlled.

“The teashop owners are mostly members of the Rakhine community who have good connections with the security personnel, and it is open for them to run the gambling,” said an elder from Maungdaw.

“The security personnel are not stopping the ‘shay’ gambling inside the teashops after imposing the law in Maungdaw, as they are getting money from the teashops.”

“The security personnel arrested six Rohingya from Myoma Kyayoungdan Village yesterday. They were playing with cards. The raid was led by Sub-inspector Shwe Maung, who released the men after taking 60,000 kyat from the Rohingya.”

“Every Rakhine villages in Maungdaw has gambling house where most of Rakhine are playing with cards, but no security personnel go to this house and arrest.”

“The teashops are showing movies in the daytime, causing students to sit in the teashops instated of going to school, but the security personnel don’t stop it.”

“The teashop owners and staff are also selling drugs (Yaba) to the youngsters while they are drinking or taking tea in the shops.”

“While the authority imposes the law to stop gambling, why don’t they impose a law to not give permission for students to sit in the teashops during school time?” asked a teacher from Maungdaw.